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In Greek Mythology, Eudora was a goddess living in the Mediterranean Sea. She was described as a "generous gift" for the civilization, who was later transformed into a star constellation. 


Eudora is also a statement. We are four Mediterranean women who want to give visibility to those gifts that female composers of all eras brought to our society in the form of stars of Music History. These stars deserve to be seen, contemplated, appreciated. Our task is therefore to bring gender equality to the podium, and contribute to ending the mistreatment that many of those women suffered during their lives just because they were women in a patriarchal society. 


Eudora is not only a music group who wants to entertain. We have the responsibility to nurture the public, making those pieces of art known and heard within the classical repertoire.


Eudora wants to be close to everyone. Through solidarity with minorities we want to make our world better, more fair and nicer. We want to share who we are and what we do with those who are not always present in the concert halls but deserve to enrich their souls with this incredible music. 


Eudora has sincerity as a pillar: we are passionate about what we fight for, and although we are just four humans, we are entitled to make a big impact on our community by using music as a means of opening new paths for tolerance, diversity and respect for each other. 

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